Journey Into The Divine and Transform Your Life


It has been a long while since we have posted.¬† We will try to update you more often (given our level of technical ability) ūüôā.

Sri Bhagavan has told us that in the new Golden Age each of us will walk and talk with our God.  This phenomenon has already begun.  All over the world people are beginning to meet their personal Divine.  This could happen to you at any time, in any place.   You could come to a Oneness center holding the Sacred Chambers which was created for the purpose of healing and transformation.  These are places where the Divine is constantly manifesting itself to those who seek it.   Your Divine could manifest to you in any form you desire or in the form He or She chooses for you.

If you are Christian it could be Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  For a Hindu, it could be Krishna, Shiva, or any other Vedic Deity.  For a Buddhist, it could be Lord Buddha or one of the great Bodhisattvas.  For a Muslim, it could be Allah.  For a Jew, it could be the Light or Spirit of God.  It could be any Divine form or master.

Recently Sri Bhagavan has talked of the long way and short way to Awakening, Transformation and God Realization.  The teachings we have received over the years from Oneness University in India have prepared us for the longer way.  But if your God becomes physical to you, you can ask Him/Her to give you a deeksha for Awakening, Transformation or God Realization.    That is the short way.

If your idea of your Divine becoming physical is scary, it could be because you are relating to a God that is judgmental and punishing or distant, unreachable.  You may not feel worthy of a relationship or many other factors.  The key is to work on re-creating your relationship with your Divine.

There are different roads you can take to Oneness with the Divine.¬† One is called ‚ÄúBhakti‚ÄĚ, the path of Love, service and devotion.¬† This path involves deepening the bond with your Divine Friend until you melt into oneness with the Beloved.

The perfect time to develop your relationship with your Divine is now.  If you take 10 steps toward the Divine, your Divine will take 100 steps toward you.

Join us for a Journey Into The Divine, going deeper into a personal relationship with your Divine and watch how your life transforms.

Happening Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th at beautiful Snowbird Resort.   For more information and to register click this link.

Hope to see you there.


Linda and Janet

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Oneness Bhakti Yoga for Awakening

April 2nd, 2011- Deeksha Givers Come celebrate with your community and experience this tidal wave of Oneness!

Starting on February 11, 2011 a huge wave of Grace, a tsunami of Awakening, began to sweep the planet.

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, a leading expert on the Mayan Calendar, explains that the ninth & final cycle of the Mayan Calendar began on February 11 and will end on October 28, 2011, bringing the Mayan Calendar to an end. This is the time those of us who are passionate about Awakening have been waiting for!

To assist in the massive shift of consciousness, the ‚ÄúOneness Bhakti Yoga‚ÄĚ is being introduced in the West for the first time, after thousands of people in India were awakened through the process. The Oneness Bhakti Yoga has nothing to do with exercise. It has everything to do with Awakening. ‚Äú

Bhakti Yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. 

Bhakti means ‚Äúdevotion‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúlove‚ÄĚ and is a practice to unite the bhakta (practicioner) with the Divine.¬† Bhakti is considered the easiest yogic path to master and the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body, and spirit.¬† The only requirement for Bhakti Yoga is an open, loving heart.

Bhakti Yoga is one of the¬†ancient paths toward merging with the Divine. The word yoga is a sanskrit word meaning to unite or union. The word bhakti¬†is a sanskrit word for devotion and¬†Bhakti Yoga¬†is often referred to as the Path of Love. It is not ‘the path’ but simply one of many¬†paths, and one with extraordinary results!

The ultimate goal in the practice of Bhakti yoga is to reach the state of rasa (essence), a feeling of pure bliss achieved in the devotional surrender to the Divine. 

Oneness Bhakti Yoga involves ancient Indian rituals and techniques that utilize our devotion to seek our inner truth and our personal desire for Awakening. If you are open to trying this new and powerful technique then please come participate in this event. Come and see the magic for yourself!

To sign up for Oneness Bhakti Yoga or become a Deeksha giver go to:

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Bhagavan Answering Question about Awakening

Sivaranjan Sivayohan January 25, 2011 at 7:47am
Subject: Sri Bhagwan’s Webcast on 23rd Jan 2011
Bhagavan: How beautiful.

Q1: Namaste dear Bhagavan. Long live Bhagavan. You’re bringing in the light and we are screwing up our eyes. Please forgive us for that. I was pondering over a lot about what hinders me from taking in all you are giving me so generously. Why the passion for awakening and the fear of awakening are equally great in me. Coming to the Golden City to you I come into my high dream, not really believing it is feasible in this lifetime now and here. For if I’m not here as I am today than my social status house, family, work etc will not be there either. We have externally what we have internally. The mind describes the lives of the great teachers, saints, monks. There are no examples of the awakened ones of today around the world. How they are integrated into society and everyday life. Dear Sri Bhagavan, please tell us what the lives of the awakened ones are like today? How did they use the gift of awakening. Or how did the gift of awakening use them. What is the purpose of life of the awakened one. In terms of his pursuits in society. Please help to overcome the fear. It is very important. My heartfelt gratitude.

Bhagavan :
The problem is you have an idea of awakening and that is putting fear into you. The actual thing is very different from what you imagine it to be. When we talk of awakening, we are talking about your natural state. And once you are there you are quite shocked to realize how you have missed this all these years. It is like a man who wants to learn swimming but is not ready to jump into the waters. You cannot learn swimming and then jump into the waters. You first have to jump and then you naturally learn swimming. It’s the same thing. Once the process of awakening starts everything is very natural without you having to do anything. Anyway, you won’t have to worry because the new process will soon help you to become awakened quite easily. And there are already a number of awakened people who happen to be doctors, engineers, and ?? who are living a very beautiful life. Very soon you will have a number of people who are awakened in Russia too and you are going to make it quite fast.

Q2: My dear Bhagavan, we are so happy to see you live. I would also like to express my gratitude to Kirnaji¬†for supporting me and my group. Bhaghavan, Many truths of our perceptions of reality have been unveiled to me, but one state is still a mystery. That is service, seva. I know the words which describe this state, but it’s not alive in my heart. Only in my mind and in my actions. I desire so much to have my heart experience this state fully. Please share with us what you experience in this state and can you transfer this experience of seva¬†to us today. Thank you so much Bhagavan. I love you.

Bhagavan :
When you become awakened, very naturally you are involved in seva. It is not something which is taught. That is the way you will live after awakening. Until that happens, you apply your mind and you help others because you earn good karma which will help you in your awakening. In the new process which will be released to you, what is important is that you must become aware that you are not able to do seva. It is not that seva¬†is demanded from you. You have to become aware that you are not able to do seva. That is enough. In the new process, it is not that you must have this, this, this and this. What is important is that you’ve got to realize that you do not have this, you do not have this, you do not have this. That is all that is required.

Q3: Namaste beloved Bhagavan. Lately I’m seeing that the only expectation¬†I have is enlightenment. When I come to a group meeting, I see the same expectation of enlightenment flowering there. The expectation and the focus on February 11. Is this expectation a hindrance for enlightenment since there is a disappointment behind every expectation. Thank you very much dear Bhagavan.

Bhagavan :
Expectation is necessary but it is also a hindrance, but we cannot help this. So please continue with your expectation. Do not worry about the disappointment. Because what we are going to use in the new process is the cosmic bulldozer to bulldoze you.

Thank you Bhagavan!

Q4: Bhagavan I know intellectually that there is divine, there is God but how can I experience it in my body?

Bhagavan :
Yes, you cannot do anything about it. We are going to make it happen. It is our job.

Q5: Beloved Bhagavan, Please clarify what is the connection between morals and enlightenment. Does enlightened one automatically become moral. You say that his action is perfect. Will that action be immoral one as well? My deep gratitude to you dear Bhagavan. We love you so much.

Bhagavan :
For the awakened one, all action is perfect. He cannot think of right action or wrong action. He spontaneously acts and it is perfect for him. His actions, society may call them moral or it may say it is not moral. But the awakened person will not care for it. So most often his actions may be that which society calls right action. But some times it may not fit into what society thinks also. Society may sometimes even call it immoral or not right but the awakened man cannot see it like that.

Q6: Dear Bhagavan, we are so happy to have you with us today. Last time you suggested us 3 points to focus on, connection with the divine, gratitude and craving for significance. we have been doing it and discovering a lot for ourselves. We are in the middle of a week national oneness marathon process now. Which topics and teachings would you suggest us to focus on now in order to get prepared for the new process. With gratitude and love in my heart.

Bhagavan :
I would suggest you that you continue with the same three teachings. Because the new process is going to start I think probably in a week’s time. We can continue with the three principles. And you can get ready. I think you can focus on these three principles and you are very ready for the new process. Looking at all of you on the screens, I clearly get the feeling that you are very ready for the new process.

‚ÄúAlways at the service of our beloved Amma¬†and Bhagavan.”


Janet Eakin and Linda Beal

Certified Oneness Trainers

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Become a Blessings Giver

Prepare yourself for 2012
Join us in bringing more peace, joy &
love to yourself, your family, your world.

…”Awaken to the Heart of Oneness” Course
February 4-6, 2011

This course is taught by Certified Oneness Trainers:
Janet Eakin & Linda Beal

New trainer’s just back from India! – Kyle Spencer & Suly Guzman will be assisting in this course.

Prepare yourself for 2012. As a Deeksha giver you can become more involved in this movement and join numerous webcasts and events open only to those who have taken the Oneness Awakening course. Through these processes open to Deeksha givers you will experience the increased energy and amazing growth in your life.

Lodging is available at incredible discounted prices starting from $129.00 per night for rooms that sleep six (with 6 in the room that is only $21.00 per person per night). You will need to form your own groups of six. If interested let us know & we can help you connect with each other.
Private rooms with 1 King or 2 Queens $109.00 per night. Plus tax.
To get these discounted rates call 1-800-327-7220 choose option 2
Tell them you are in the “Awaken to the Heart of Oneness” group
We will be spending Saturday Night in silence in the Amazing Natural Hot Springs inside the Crater for anyone who like to join us. It is an additional $11.00 per person & can be paid there.

Cost of Course:
$155.00 – New 2011 pricing
$111.00 – if paid on or before January 28, 2011
$ 65.00 if you are a Deeksha Giver & re-taking a course.

Make check or money order payable to Awakening Oneness & mail to:
Janet Eakin
11304 Four Sox Cove
Sandy, Utah 84092

Or Click on this link to sign up for the course using your debit or credit card.

Janet Eakin and Linda Beal

Certified Oneness Trainers

Cam Williams
Out Reach for Awakening Oneness

Sponsored by Vickie Parker

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Oneness Blessings, The Windswept

Oneness Blessings, The Windswept.

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Sri Bhagavan India Webcast Transcript….

Sri Bhagavan India Webcast Transcript ‚Äď 21 November 2010¬† for more web casts and information

This is a Skype Darshan with Sri Bhagavan in which Bhagavan spoke on the history of the Oneness Phenomenon and what is to come in 2011 and beyond.

Here is the written transcript for this video: 

…..Around 200 children in the age group of 10 to 15. Most of the children very spontaneously moved into higher states of consciousness without anything being done. They were seeing their past lives. They had out of body experiences. They used to fly home and see what their parents were doing. They used to talk to trees and strange phenomena like the clouds following the children, children talking to God, the gods that were worshipped in their homes.

So all kinds of things very naturally happened, and they also became very naturally healers. Nobody taught them anything, they could heal themselves, heal others. So many such things very spontaneously happened. This phenomenon later grew into what we now call the Oneness Deeksha or Oneness Blessing as it is known is many countries of the world. 

So what is this Deeksha? The Deeksha is essentially a transfer of Divine Energies which in turn awakens the kundalini, and the kundalini in turn brings about changes in the brain as a consequence of which there occurs God Realization or Awakening or sometimes both.

Along with the rise of the phenomenon also several revelations were received. These revelations gave a road map as to what was going to happen to the phenomenon, as well as, to the world. We have been strictly following and going according to these revelations and more or less it has happened according to the revelations. 

The revelations spoke of 13 steps to a great shift in human consciousness. So, we are through eleven steps, eleven steps have been covered. The 12th one commenced on November the 3rd and is likely to end on February the 10th. The 13th and the last and final step until 2012 will be commencing on February the 11th. 

Now, what are these revelations? Let’s have a look into them. The phenomenon began in ’89. That was a year when many things happened: The fall of the Berlin Wall, the fall of communism, strange events in China and many parts of the world whose effects are still being felt on the world at large. The revelations were that 1989 was the year when the New Age was conceived, conceived in the womb, and it said 13 steps later a child would be delivered sometime between October 28th and December 21st , 2012. So, it’s about 23 years in the womb and the delivery time is almost from October 2011 to December 2012.¬†

Now, what happens when this child is delivered? According to the revelation a large number of people would be awakened by the end of 2012. How large? The revelation says anything between 60,000 and 70,000 people would be awakened across the planet. What happens next? Now, in 2012 the New Age has taken birth. It’s a small child and then it begins to grow. And by 2035 this child is able to walk and talk.¬†

According to the revelation, there will be great inner transformation from the time of delivery of the child, that is in 2012 to 2035, there will be a great awakening happening in human consciousness, a lot of inner transformation will be happening. This period we normally call Satya Yuga or the birth of Satya Yuga. 

From 2035 onwards begins the Golden Age. What happens is this inner transformation then brings about changes in the external world. For example, by 2035 there will be no poverty on the planet. Wars and conflicts could have ceased. The environment will be very, very clean. People will be filled with unconditional love and unconditional joy. 

There will be tremendous transformation in all aspects of human life. There will be changes in the way people are governed, in the way they are educated, in the way they work. Every field of human activity will be touched, will be transformed. So from 2035 begins the Golden Age, and then it goes on to reveal what happens in the next 1,000 years. 

By 2035 most of humanity is awakened and the Golden Age commences, a few centuries later, we find that the human body is re-structured. Right now the body is about 8 times the length of our head, but that would become 9 times. That’s the first change we notice. All this come as revelations in clear pictures. One can see as though one were there, and even now it could be seen when you go through a very advanced process. You can see all these things, all that I’m speaking about. These are based on real experiences which anybody could have.¬†

And then a few centuries later we notice we do not have any more of this distinction of male or female. It looks as though man has become bi-sexual, both male and female. And a few centuries later we notice is we see no buildings, no factories, nothing in fact. We see the whole Earth is a beautiful garden, very, very clean. It’s more like Heaven on Earth. People are there, but they do not seem to be working or consuming food the way we do. It looks like they’re absorbing from nature all that they want.¬†

Hence, there’s no need to work or to have any organized structures in human society. When they do want to travel they ‘hang’ their bodies on branches of trees and they move around in their consciousness, go wherever they want, and again materialize and talk to people, do whatever they want and again return. Very much like what AmmaBhagavan do very often, they seem to be doing similar things. That’s about 1,000 years from now.¬†

So there is a tremendous activation of growth starting with 2012. It grows exponentially in terms of consciousness as also in terms of technology. Amazing technology will be in place. Most of today’s technologies will be dead and gone and new technologies would take their place. Amazing technologies which would also help man rapidly grow in his consciousness. They would not be opposed to each other, in fact they might become complementary to one another.

So that’s how revelations came through. Very clear pictures of what’s going to happen. And now for example it said there will be a shift in consciousness on November the 3rd . It exactly happened like that.¬†

Now what happens when this shift in consciousness occurs? There is either Awakening or God Realization or both. 

Now, what do we mean by Awakening? To put it simply, you are gone. There is nobody inside, there is no controller. You are gone. What is there is simply pure Existence, Consciousness, Bliss and all things happen automatically. You actually see that your thoughts are not your thoughts. They come inside you, they go out. You could see it exactly that way. 

You also realize that your mind is not your mind. Your mind stands out and keeps functioning. You are emptied of your mind. You’ve become a witness to your own mind. And later on you find that even the mind empties itself of its contents, like jealousy, anger, hatred, violence, conflict, even they are emptied from the mind. It happens a little later. But first you see that your mind is standing out there. It’s working on its own. You’re a witness to it.¬†

You also realize that your body is not your body. You can go outside your body and witness your body. You could be inside your body and see that your hand is not your hand, your leg is not your leg but it is functioning very, very beautifully. You see an object and you realize that you are that object. The observer is the observed. There is no distinction between the observer and the observed. There is a Oneness. These things happen very naturally. 

Now, if you try to do these things nothing will happen. We do give teachings in order to prepare people for this awakening. But they are not to be put into practice. There are teachings which should be put into practice and there are teachings which should not be putting into practice.

Then why do we give these teachings? We give them because when the awakening does happen initially you’re not able to make any sense of that, and sometimes you do become confused. In order to cope with the awakening we give you these teachings. They are not to be applied, they are not to be practiced. For example, we would tell you the awakened one his mind is empty. You cannot try to make the mind empty. If you do try to empty yourself you would become full. These teachings are merely tools to help you cope with the awakening.¬†

So what happens? You suddenly discover there is unconditional love. There’s unconditional joy. You’re no more moved into the past. You’re no more moved into the future. You are in the present, not because you are trying to do something. It’s just happening all the time. And suddenly you find that the world is changed. Nothing has happened to the world.¬†

You have changed and the world looks very, very different. Where hitherto life had no meaning, no purpose. You were searching for a vision. You were searching for a purpose. Now, you are living now. A living being would not ask: What is the meaning of Life. What is the purpose of Life? Because he is Living. This very naturally and spontaneously happens when the awakening does occur, and it has occurred to thousands of people. 

According to the revelation, these awakenings started happening from 1989 itself and the revelations spoke of the numbers progressively growing until from February 11 onwards it’s an explosion to reach the number 60,000 or 70,000. It’s not very specific about that. And these awakened people will in turn awaken the rest of humanity, either by directly helping people or their mere presence would also awaken others even without connecting to them directly.

Assume there are 70,000 awakened people, the power generated will be equal to 70,000 into 70,000. That is a huge number. That force would push the rest of humanity gradually into higher states of consciousness where finally by 2035 most people are awakened. 

What we would witness in 2012 is there will be thousands of people who would be awakened, thousands of them would be awakened, Thousands would be in higher states of consciousness, and thousands would experience a shift in their perception, and thousands would say nothing has happened to us. That would be the situation towards the end of 2012.

Upwards things start moving very fast after that. By the end of 2013 it is very different. By 2014 still different, and it accelerates. It’s exponential thereafter, and then there are people who also become God Realized.¬†

Now, whatever God you are worshipping, that God is no more a matter of belief or faith, it is reality. Let us say, your ishta devata is Rama or Krishna, you would not only be able to see Rama or Krishna inside or outside, you could talk to them. You could walk and talk with your God. If you happen to be a Christian you would walk and talk with Christ. So God becomes a reality in your life. So those who are more inclined towards God realization, that would happen. For those who are more inclined towards awakening, that would happen, and those inclined towards both, both would happen. 

You would discover your God in your life. You would walk and talk with God. You would no more be the orphan you are. Thus, with that kind of commune with God you can get whatever you want. From the most mundane things, to the most advanced spiritual states, your God would give it to you. That is God Realization. 

So, now let us see what are the consequences of either Awakening or God Realization? Awakening or God Realization, the individual becomes completely transformed. There’s no more conflict in him, there’s causeless love, there’s causeless joy. He no more feels separate from the other. So, at the individual level there are no more problems. He’s just a happy human being.

When that happens, it affects the whole of his family. This has been already happening. I’m talking to you with what already has happened in the homes of awakened people. The family gets transformed and once the family gets transformed we have noticed, people who come in touch with these families they are getting transformed. In other words it moves into society very naturally, very automatically, and from there it moves on to any other part of the country.

So we can clearly see here individual transformation would bring about a global transformation.  
When we say this, we do not mean the world is going to change. What we are saying is people are going to change as individuals inwardly. When that happens, the way you perceive the world completely changes. 

Let’s take the example of a husband and wife who are quarreling or who are fighting. Well suddenly when the shift occurs what happens is, he delivers a completely new perception about his wife and the wife about the husband, and instantly the conflict ceases, and there is tremendous love between them. It does not take time. It’s almost instantaneous when the shift occurs.¬†

The whole atmosphere of the family changes. It affects the children. It affects their near ones, near and dear ones. It affects their surrounding. That is how things would start happening in the world. We begin to perceive the world differently. We no more see ourselves as Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Buddhists, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Americans. No. We can’t see it that way. All conditioning is de-clutched.¬†

We are functioning from a different level of consciousness. So, that fundamental division of the me and the you, that’s gone. With that division gone, all conflict is gone. What is essentially all problems: be it at the individual level, the level of the family, society, nations of the world, all economic problems or political problems or social problems, ultimately all problems could be traced by the sense of separation of the individual. Now once this goes, there’s complete Oneness.¬†

With Oneness there how could there be conflict? That is the change we are talking about. The change we are talking about is inner transformation. So, the consequence of God Realization and awakening is there would be a global transformation which would pave the way to gradually remove all human problems. Because all problems emanate from the single basic fundamental division of the you and the me. Once that is gone, all problems will naturally dissolve. So through individual transformation, there would occur global transformation. 

Now, let’s see what the revelation spoke about the 13th Phase. The revelation said, that starting February 11th awakening would happen very, very fast, and it will spread like wildfire. So all that is required is passionate seekers who are concerned about the state of the world today, who are concerned about man’s conditioning, who are concerned about the Earth’s condition, who are concerned about the suffering of all other species. If that passion were there in you, these are the people who would quickly become awakened.¬†

The purpose of this webcasts is to reach out to such people who are passionate about individual transformation and global transformation, who are concerned about the issues confronting man today. These people would be able to transform themselves very, very fast. After they are transformed, they would have the power to transform others. And not only that, their mere presence, their raised levels of consciousness would help others also to very naturally raise their levels of consciousness. 

So these numbers are supposed to be around 70,000 people, anywhere between 60,000 and 70,000 people who would then bring about this global transformation starting with 2013. These 70,000 people would arrive by the end of December 2012 and then they work for the others and they keep working thereafter. 

So now, what you have got to do is, we will have these webcasts every Saturday Indian Time, 10:00 in the night, 10:00 pm and Sunday mornings, 10:00 am. You could join these webcasts and meditate with us. You may have to create a dark room in your house which we call the Sacred Space. After this meditation you should move into the dark space or what we call the Sacred Space and start meditating on the teaching we would have given for that week.

That is the way you’ve got to prepare yourself, and in February we would give you the process. This process you would apply in your own homes, and in your very homes you could become awakened. So, that’s what the 13th step talks about.¬†

And there are several models in different faiths of the world which would also help us understand this phenomenon. For example, in Buddhism, Padmasambhava who took Buddhism from India into Tibet, he said, “When the iron birds fly in the air and when pink-faced people come, the world will become awakened.” Now, iron birds do fly in the air. We have modern airplanes flying in the air, and if you come into our campuses you will find a lot of pink-faced people, a lot of westerners there very passionately seeking awakening and God Realization.¬†

So the time has arrived and it says in less than 3 minutes people would become awakened. But every day people are becoming awakened. Of course in February it is going to be much, much faster, and much, much more powerful. And we do notice that a shift is happening in less than 3 minutes. If we have a clock and we closely watch that person shifting, it happens in less than 3 minutes. We see that there. 

And in Hinduism they speak of Kalki and an army of 64,000 people, somewhere between 60 and 70, they speak of 64,000 people. Now what does the horse represent? It represents Kalki is supposed to go on horseback with a sword. According to the revelation, the horse represents speed and the sword represents Deeksha. And who is being slain? The sense of self, the sense of individual separateness. The sense of me. That is what is being slain. So, we have very beautiful parallels. 

Now if you were to look at Christianity, if you listen to Christ’s words, Christ says the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And the revelation says the Kingdom of Heaven is from 2012. The similarity is there. And then Christ says, I shall baptize you with fire and here we find kundalini¬†is being awakened and kundalini is fire. And then Christ says, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. And what is this awakening or God realization? It’s something which happens inside you.¬†

And then Christ says, break and the Kingdom of Heaven shall be yours. If you look at our teachings you would notice that we are continuously breaking you inside. When the breaking occurs then the Deeksha becomes very powerful, and the kundalini awakens in a big way. So you have these similarities. And for many other faiths we could go on drawing similarities. There are lots of similarities there. 

So it looks that the time has arrived for this global transformation and possibly an end to human problems. So we would like to invite all those people, who are seekers about this kind of transformation to join us in these weekly webcasts and participate in these meditations and get ready from February onwards to work on themselves in their very homes and to get Awakened or God Realized or both. It all depends on you. 

So let us all join together and let’s together work for this global transformation. Namaste.

We will now move into meditation for about 7 minutes. Every week Saturday morning and Saturday night it will be for 15 minutes and it will be gradually stepped up. So today we will just meditate for about 7 minutes. 

Vickie Parker will be holding webcasts every Saturday night for those who want to attend.

Join Vickie Parker at the Windswept Center in SLC, Utah. On going Monday Night Deeksha begins at 7pm with a group reading from Vickie. 


Linda Beal and Janet Eakin
Certified Oneness Trainers
Check our Website for events and courses in your area.

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Family Deeksha Thursday Nights, up and coming courses for Children!

Light has landed in Salt Lake City for Families. Being a conscious parent is what many have been called to¬†do and¬†holding our attention in holiday times. The days of Toy R Us and looking for the delight in our children’s eyes, for¬†2 hours on Christmas morning have passed for many as a high point in our lives.¬† What clearly is being called forward¬†is looking into our Children’s eyes and seeing the Divine shining through in all that they are¬†in each and every day.¬†

Thursday night we are shifting to ‘Family Deeksha¬†Night’ at SUVVS¬†located at 6876¬†So.¬†Highland Dr. Salt Lake City, begins at 7 pm.¬† You are invited to bring your babies, children, youth and teenagers to a Deeksha that supports the Divine¬†of all ages. This weekly meeting¬†is set as an intention of supporting wisdom that naturally is present in children.¬† Creating a space for all ages to live in the arena of Divine Wisdom pouring forth with in each of us. (Children that enjoy moving while in learning¬†are provided¬†an Art project and a kind helper by their side).¬†

We will be launching a youth¬†course in the coming year of 2011. Many of you have read the “Awakening into¬†Oneness” book, by Arjuna Ardagh. The book clearly tells the story of the Awakening to Oneness process coming though a young boy named Krishna Raj. He in turn sharing the light (Oneness Blessing) with his best friend,¬†creating enlightenment or known as the, Flowering of the Heart with-in him. Many children in the school were passed the Golden Ball of light and became enlightened as well. The Oneness Blessing was brought¬†in by an 8 year old into our world from Divine Source.

Our up and coming course will consist of water meditation, art, music and expressing the Divine with in each participant. Each child, youth or teen will be given the opportunity to share with their parents and the group the divine with in themselves. The children, youth or teen, can if they choose to become Deeksha Blessing Givers at the end of the course. A year full of grace for many in 2011. Spreading the wisdom with-in families is our desire.

In the meantime, join us at SUVVS on Thursday nights at 7 pm details will continue to unfold for our family courses in the early 2011.



Living in Prayer, holding light for the Children and Oneness Suggestion are welcome for our young students, feel free to contact me, or


Holding our Family


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Pain is the way to get this causeless love and limitless joy….Bhagavan.

I found this to be profound this morning. I was on the phone with Janet bright and early this morning and we were talking about providing support for those that have attended the course and have become Blessing Givers. 

We knew that¬†having an active practice in our lives and teaching or showing others how to implement¬†this in their lives,¬†to be¬†“the answer”. I¬†checked my e-mail and it was already written. I Love how the Divine works in our lives, simply ask and it is provided…

Blessings, Cam
Out Reach for Awakening Oneness

Thought For The Day- Sri Bhagavan
Sri Bhagavan says:

One of the most important teachings of the dharma is that the content is not important. How you experience the Content that is important. What ever is happening in your life, you must learn the art of experiencing it. That is the true ‘art of living’. The true art of living is to experience fully, totally and completely whatever is going on.

So, mostly what is going on is human interactions, your friends, your relatives, your boss, your children and your family. You are all the time interacting with them because life is relationship. Without relationship you don’t exist. So,in this relationship you are transacting some kind of interaction. You may get hurt, you may get provoked, and you may get back some memories, all these are happening.

Whatever is happening, if you can experience fully, as I was speaking earlier, then you will find there is limitless joy. Now, what happens when there is so much joy? It doesn’t stop there. It becomes love. Only a happy and joyous person can truly love. An unhappy person cannot love. That love is nothing but attachment, possession…true love comes only when there is true joy and true joy comes only when you experience what ever is going on inside. It is not very difficult.

Practice this for 21 days, if you keep trying it will become natural. What is not natural, what is not easy, I don’t teach. There is no point in teaching that. Only what you can do I am teaching. The brain must learn a new pattern of functioning. It takes 21 days for that. After 21 days of practice you will find it becomes easy. It becomes like alcoholic addiction or drug addiction. Why are you addicted? Because it gives you so much joy or happiness or freedom. Same thing happens here also. Only thing is there are no negative side effects. There are very good effects on the other hand. You discover love, compassion. All these things happen.

So basically you must start with pain. You hold that pain like you hold a newborn baby. So carefully you must hold that pain you must know that it is a blessing. You must hold it, you must not condemn or judge it and strangely you’ll find it is very painful. It will become pain in the chest region but slowly you’ll find, you’ll discover a freedom, joy and that will become love.

That is the way to get this causeless love and limitless joy…….

a) 21 MINUTES SPEAKING TO SRI AMMABHAGAVAN. ( Or To Your very own personal GOD)











With Lots of Love & Gratitude
Loka Samasthe Sukino Bhavantu
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi

Join us in our next course taking place in SLC, Ut on the 19th of Novemeber. One Mind Studio with our co sponsor Vickie Parker, founder of the Windswept Center.

More information on the course


Linda Beal and Janet Eakin

Certified Oneness Trainers


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Awakening on purpose with intentions of following the Divine

Awakening on purpose with intentions of following the Divine.

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Awakening on purpose with intentions of following the Divine

Greetings and Good Morning,

What I am¬†seeing that is happening¬†for people¬†who attend the “Awakening to the Heart of Oneness” course. Each person becomes more aware of what calls to them, sings in their heart,¬†stepping forward in the movement of the path for themself.¬†Unfolding to¬†assisting¬†others to see their own divinity.

I am¬†fully blessed with many people as an example, Vickie Parker, Royce Monson, Rebecca Mayo, Erin Lee, Lori Christensen, Brian One Mind Studio, Lacee¬†Mae, Bob and Melinda Bills, John Neider, Kathleen Moffet¬†(Keeper of the Alter), Lance Campbell, Julie Simiskey… My view is very limited I realize, fully aware this is growing with God’s divine hands in all we do.¬†
Above, I am naming a few who are close to my world, called to spread the word of Oneness. Each in their own way have manifested and supported groups to raise awareness of a good and positive way to be. The awakening to oneness with their actions, prayers and words.
Thank you for stepping in and raising the vibration up. Blessing to you to all that are vibrating high in your families, jobs, organizations, providing a leadership to Oneness in your daily lives. There are now hundreds of Oneness Blessing Givers in the state of Utah alone. Imagine the impact this is having on the community, families and the well being of all.
My job with Awakening Oneness is Outreach, my angel team is the people I have listed above and certainly limited by my small view. I believe our team is growing with out me even knowing what graceful plans the Divine has in store for each of us.
Join us, in¬†Awakening Oneness. Take a moment and share with me how “Awakening to the¬†Heart of Oneness” has impacted your life and those around you.¬†Perhaps needless to say I am humbled and grateful.
I¬†love and respect, Janet and Linda, my honored friends¬†providing me¬†leadership by example¬†and my continued path to Awaken to Oneness. They just so happen to be my employers…. I live in heaven. Imagine that…
Blessings, Cam
Out Reach for Awakening Oneness
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