Sri Bhagavan Teaching-Ego + Position= Positionality

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(Gratitude to Oneness London for the transcript)

Question: Bhagavan, please explain to us Ego + Position = Positionality?”

Answer: You take a stand, saying that, ok, this is very good medicine for you. You take that kind of stand. Then somebody comes and convinces you that this may not be the right medicine, why don’t you explore homeopathy or ayurveda. You say ok, no problem, I will explore those things.

This is being non-positional. That is you took a position, but now you are prepared to change your position if you are convinced. But then your ego interferes and says “No, no, I cannot be wrong. If I agree to what he says I will feel inferior to him. He will feel superior. Therefore, no,  this only is right”.

Then ego plus position becomes positional. You will not move from that. Such people can also be called fools. They will never learn in life. So, a person must be loose and flexible, not that he is a crazy fellow, changing his mind all the time. But, then when convinced, he must be able to change his position to a different point of view.

That is why we are telling there are different points to view. That’s all. You can change from this to that. So that you understand things, you can learn and you can unlearn. But, then your ego comes.

The ego plays six games, I am right, you are wrong; wishes to dominate, refuses to be dominated. It’s  a cover-up. So all these games the ego plays. If these games are added to your position, you become positional, which means you are going to enter a fight. It can be with husband and wife, between father and son.

All this will happen if you become positional. Suppose you are a father and a son, the son also must realise that the father belongs to another generation, we can’t shift him so fast.

The father must realise he belongs to another generation  and that his perceptions are different and therefore he must be willing to accommodate that. If he stands to his position because of his ego, he will think father is dominating me and father will think he is refusing to be dominated. Then there is a conflict.

So if you become aware of these things inside, automatically the mind becomes non-positional. You don’t have to put in any effort, very naturally it will happen.

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