A Message of Wisdom from a new Blessing Giver Erin Lee, in St. George, Utah

Blessing to you Erin and thank you for sharing your message.

We have an up and coming Awakening Oneness Event in San Diego Califoria. Save the date Oct. 8-10. Details of location forth coming… Hope to see you there, Blessings, Linda Beal and Janet Eakin 801-205-7000 or info@onenessawakening.com

Erin’s Words,  Way of Life

  We are the master of this physical body we are in.  We are in possession of it.  We create our lives by the way in which we choose to operate this vehicle.  We activate our life by our motivation.  We rule our life by our intention.  We navigate our life by our attention.  We convey our life by our communication.

     The brain forms images from the five senses.  We take notice and think. “Oh this is reality”.  Check it out.  Watch when you think “in all reality”.  You will see it is followed by therefore…..Therefore’s are sneaky little judgments.  You can tell when you are doing this because you get a sense of threat to your survival when your concept of reality is threatened.. It is the automatic defense mode that gives it away.  This response happens because your identity has become attached to the perception you labeled as reality.

     Be aware, observe yourself, and then laugh.  Changing the reality you cling to is only a thought away.  The images formed by the brain from the five senses is our world as we sense it.  It just is.  All the rest is what we do with it.

     From these images that have been formed, we choose what to extract, how to code it and where to project it.  Then in a field of attraction and repulsion we identify and react.  Check it out.  Watch what you respond to.  It is what motivates you.  Notice what you experience and what that experience gets you.  You will see you respond to the things you are most familiar and comfortable with.  That is because you think you know what to expect.  You activate your life by your motivation.

Be aware. observe yourself, and then laugh.  You can always choose to familiarize yourself with something else.  Changling what motivates you is only a thought away.

Thought is a very powerful energy in people.  It triggers the entire glandular system.  Then the memory is held not only in the brain, but in every single cell of the body as well.  We have seen thoughts held by a group of people cause wars, famine and disease.  It also has caused health, wealth and peace.

     As human beings we all share the need to; love and be loved, have a sense of belonging and self worth, and contribute to the whole of which we are a part.  It is our initial intention.  Our personality is the expression of that which we are experiencing.  We are an individualized brilliant spark of radiant light having the experience.  From birth we are reacting to judgments making the adjusments to our personality we believe are necessary to secure acceptance and/or approval for our survival.  Check it out.  Watch when you think you must give up a part of yourself to adjust to a situation.  You will see that it hurts.  That is beause you have become identified with your personality and that diverts your intention to defense.  Notice when you think something is threatening to you.  Do you feel afraid, angry or both?  Do you want to change it, get away from it, or fight?  It is up to you whether you let love nurture and guide you or let fear and anger distract you.  You rule your life by your intention.

     Be aware, observe yourself, know your emotions, and then laugh.  Your initial intention is only a thought away.

     The brain, which is the computer organ of the body, constructs programs to preserve, promote and protect.  When you are identified with your personality emotions and ideas that threaten or support the concepts that structure your reality grab your attention triggering these programs and you react.  The thought patterns process automatically and the behavioral reactions are systematic and predictable.  It can be very subtle or extremely obvious.  When you are identified with your individuality you are seated in awareness focusing your attention on observation.  Your hearts desire for your initial intention brings in intuition.  Check it out.

     Take some time to pause for an intermission.  Sit in a chair legs uncrossed with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your lap. Feel the weight of your body easing into the chair as the floor supports your feet.  With your eyes closed, draw your attention slowly up your body from the tip of your toes to the center of your head.  Notice any sensations pass right through you like a wave of the ocean.  Say hello with the inbreathe and good by with the out.  Settle in the area behind your eyes and take a look around.  It is the seat of awareness  You are at total attention and yet at rest.  From here feel the warmth and see the glow of your hearts initial intention to; love and be loved, have a sense of belonging and self worth, and contribute to the whole of which you are a part.  Observe your thoughts, emotions and memories as they pass by.  Notice, where you are.  Look at where you have been.  Then watch where you are going.  When you are ready turn your gaze forward and open your eyes.  You have been in a no time space, present in the moment and receptive to intuition.  It is your pivate Holy place.  You can go there whenever you wish.  You navigate your life bny your attention.

     When you are identified with your individuality, seated in awareness and coming from your private Holy place, you become witness to your personality in reaction.  You view your experiences from the perspective of everyone concerned seeing others in yourself and yourself in others.  Love always guides gently leading to safety gracefully carrying others along the way.

     Be aware, observe yourself, and then laugh.  You are at the helm choosing the direction of your attention, navigating your way through life.

     This physical body you occupy is your vehicle.  It is a receiver, conductor, transformer and transmitter.  You are swimming in a sea of signals, selecting, coordinating and discharging.  It is a matter of choice what you hold onto, pass on and reject.  Check it out.  Watch what thoughts you choose to think.  See when you hold on and when you release.  Notice where in your body the thoughts are sensed.  Then look at how they are expressed.  You convey your life by your communication.

     Be aware, observe yourself, and then laugh.  Changing the image you are projecting is only a thought away.  You are an individualized brilliant spark of radiant light having an experience being human.


About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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