Clarity on your path to Oneness Awakening

Good Morning,

Considering attending the Awakening Oneness Course. Date is coming up (Oct. 22, 2010) and a few details you may need to provide a solid yes for the Awakening to Oneness Course, in SLC Utah. Most of the time it is a time constraint or money or just do not have enough information …to decide if you are supposed to be there! Doing my best to provide some answers that will provide a great decision for you.

Time: Chances are you about now know if October 22 is going works for you, Time lines Fri night 6-9pm Sat and Sun 9-6….

Money: Today is the 15th early pay-day which is $175.00, let me know if you want me to send you a pay pal bill and I can send you an on-line payment you can use your credit card. Or contact, Linda and Janet to make payment arrangements. 801-205-7000. I know these Ladies very well and they will be delighted to work with you if you are called to be there, they can make it happen perhaps with payment time line arrangements. It is a must to do this shortly providing to them information that they will need to save a space for you.

Information: This comes from a knowingness in your heart that you are to be there, a personal decision. However you can back this up with information. Can be gathered two ways. Attend a blessing at the Inner Light Center at 7 pm or SVUUS at 7 pm. SLC…get involved.

Second go to two websites. and

Favor please, let us know either way this course holds 26 and our number count is in flux without your response. We want to make sure we provide a delightful perfect place for you.

Outreach for Awakening Oneness, hope to see you all there!
Cam Williams

Linda Beal

Janet Eakin

Ph # 801-205-7000

About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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