The World’s Collective Consciousness… On the up rise.

We felt the following reading would not only inspire but also support many of you who are called to Awakening to Oneness.
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Namaste’,  Janet and Linda

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010
The world’s collective consciousness is going up like a rocket ship, and this meteoric rise has implications for world events, big time!

Dear All,
According to measurements taken by someone known to me personally who measures the world’s collective consciousness quantitatively, as part of his life’s work, (He measures collective consciousness using the scale outlined in the book POWER vs. FORCE by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. © 1995 – 2002.), the average number for scientifically measured world collective consciousness has shot up from 223 in September 2005, to 500 as of June 26, 2009, at which time everyone in the world was placed into a consciousness acceleration program that had previously been available ONLY to a few select people with personal consciousness measuring 500 and up.  He told me yesterday in a conversation lasting over an hour that the world’s AVERAGE consciousness number, as of today, is almost 600!  This “AVERAGE” is not an arithmetic average, but rather is a number that calculates the net effect of everyone’s consciousness interacting with each other, wherein people with higher consciousness neutralize the negative influence of many thousands or millions of people with low consciousness. 
To put this in context, when David Hawkins wrote POWER vs. FORCE © 1995 – 2002, only 15% of the world’s population was above the critical consciousness level of 200, where “Power” in the sense of power for good first appears as the critical point in human development that distinguishes positive and negative influences of life.  A consciousness measurement of 200 or higher marks the point in development of human consciousness at which a person is capable for the first time of beginning to embrace positive influences and not be attracted to negative influences. (Don’t worry, we all have negative thoughts from time to time.  This is a reference to embracing negativity, not occasional lapses.)
The 500 level of consciousness development is characterized by the development of a love that is unconditional. 
The 600 level is associated with an experience of life in which transcendence, self-realization, and God consciousness start to be available as conscious experiences, as distinguished from things one can only read about, for example in sacred literature like the Bible. 
When a person is developing consciously below the 600 level, they can read and take to heart expressions such as, in The King James translation of the Bible, Luke 10:27 where Jesus says, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.”   Similar expressions are found at Matthew 22:37, Deuteronomy 6:5, Mark 12:30, and Matthew 22:37. 
However, no matter how much one reads the Bible and takes everything one reads completely to heart, the kind of love Jesus was describing is simply not available as a conscious experience when consciousness measures under 500.  It starts to be conceivable when consciousness develops to 600, and it is fully realized when consciousness develops to 1545.

Dr. Hawkins said in his book that as of the time when he took the measurements that went into his book, the 600 consciousness level was extremely rare, attained by only 1 in 10 million people.  Now this is completely changed!  As mentioned above, the world’s scientifically measured “average consciousness number” as defined above, as of today” is almost 600 and rising fast – just under 100 points of rise in little more than a year! 
This is a rocket ship, and it has implications for world events, big time!
— Alan

Namaste’ Janet Eakin and Linda Beal

About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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