The reason for experiencing the Awakening to the Heart of Oneness Course!

The new Oneness Awakening course, taught over two or three days, is designed simply to help a person move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind. When we are identified with the mind– when we filter our experience through our past conditioning– we are in fact not living, but merely existing, merely surviving. When we live within the structures of the mind, we are not actually alive at all. The purpose of life is simply to live– to experience reality as it is– that natural state where the senses are alive, the heart is open, in direct contact with the Oneness in everything.

The course will make use of all of the various teachings and processes that the Trainer has received from the Oneness University and through their own life experience. It is not a course to convey information or to help you to work on yourself, but rather a vehicle through which to show you directly what life is like outside the realm of the mind– that vast peace, stillness, and love that is revealed in direct experience.

This is a very sacred, divinely led process which culminates in the transmission of a very special Deeksha called the Mukthi Deeksha, given through an ancient spiritual technology called Padukas. Padukas are symbols that represent the feet of the Divine, a powerful cross-cultural understanding of surrender. What makes this Deeksha unique is that it comes directly from the Divine and is not routed through the human being. It is a direct transfer from the Divine to the recipient, with the sole purpose of taking the recipient into the state of Oneness and Awakening—that same state enjoyed by saints, sages, and mystics world over.

The Mukthi Deeksha is transferred as part of a three-fold process, which serves to prepare the recipient to receive this Divine benediction. First, the physical body is prepared through dancing, an ancient ritual practiced by all cultures and traditions as a way to open to the Divine. Through this dancing, the kundalini is activated and the chakras are opened. Next, the participant is guided through a process of chanting to fill the mind and unconscious with the presence of the Divine and to clear away any remaining obstacles to the full receipt of the Deeksha. This chanting serves to “program” the mind and energy body for Awakening. Finally, the participants receive the Mukthi Deeksha itself, in a sacred ceremony involving the touching Padukas or other Sacred Religious objects of your own faith.

Once a participant goes through the Oneness Awakening Course, they are initiated as a Oneness Deeksha Giver, and will be shown how to give Deeksha to others.

Excerpt from the Oneness University, India

Awakening to the Heart of Oneness Course’s in Salt Lake City, Ut.

Namaste’ Linda Beal and Janet Eakin

Up and coming course in Utah:

November 19th-21, 2010: SLC One Mind Studio, co-sponsored by Vickie Parker, The Windswept Center.

December 3-5, 2010: Logan Utah, co-sponsored by Lori Christensen The Cosmic Nudge.

January 2011: St. George, Utah, co-sponsored by Deeksha Blessing Givers, St. George.

February 2011: Park City, Utah, Held at the The Homestead Resort.

Monthly course held in the greater Salt Lake City Area, check our website for details.

Cam Williams
Outreach Coordinator

About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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