Awakening on purpose with intentions of following the Divine

Greetings and Good Morning,

What I am seeing that is happening for people who attend the “Awakening to the Heart of Oneness” course. Each person becomes more aware of what calls to them, sings in their heart, stepping forward in the movement of the path for themself. Unfolding to assisting others to see their own divinity.

I am fully blessed with many people as an example, Vickie Parker, Royce Monson, Rebecca Mayo, Erin Lee, Lori Christensen, Brian One Mind Studio, Lacee Mae, Bob and Melinda Bills, John Neider, Kathleen Moffet (Keeper of the Alter), Lance Campbell, Julie Simiskey… My view is very limited I realize, fully aware this is growing with God’s divine hands in all we do. 
Above, I am naming a few who are close to my world, called to spread the word of Oneness. Each in their own way have manifested and supported groups to raise awareness of a good and positive way to be. The awakening to oneness with their actions, prayers and words.
Thank you for stepping in and raising the vibration up. Blessing to you to all that are vibrating high in your families, jobs, organizations, providing a leadership to Oneness in your daily lives. There are now hundreds of Oneness Blessing Givers in the state of Utah alone. Imagine the impact this is having on the community, families and the well being of all.
My job with Awakening Oneness is Outreach, my angel team is the people I have listed above and certainly limited by my small view. I believe our team is growing with out me even knowing what graceful plans the Divine has in store for each of us.
Join us, in Awakening Oneness. Take a moment and share with me how “Awakening to the Heart of Oneness” has impacted your life and those around you. Perhaps needless to say I am humbled and grateful.
I love and respect, Janet and Linda, my honored friends providing me leadership by example and my continued path to Awaken to Oneness. They just so happen to be my employers…. I live in heaven. Imagine that…
Blessings, Cam
Out Reach for Awakening Oneness

About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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