Family Deeksha Thursday Nights, up and coming courses for Children!

Light has landed in Salt Lake City for Families. Being a conscious parent is what many have been called to do and holding our attention in holiday times. The days of Toy R Us and looking for the delight in our children’s eyes, for 2 hours on Christmas morning have passed for many as a high point in our lives.  What clearly is being called forward is looking into our Children’s eyes and seeing the Divine shining through in all that they are in each and every day. 

Thursday night we are shifting to ‘Family Deeksha Night’ at SUVVS located at 6876 So. Highland Dr. Salt Lake City, begins at 7 pm.  You are invited to bring your babies, children, youth and teenagers to a Deeksha that supports the Divine of all ages. This weekly meeting is set as an intention of supporting wisdom that naturally is present in children.  Creating a space for all ages to live in the arena of Divine Wisdom pouring forth with in each of us. (Children that enjoy moving while in learning are provided an Art project and a kind helper by their side). 

We will be launching a youth course in the coming year of 2011. Many of you have read the “Awakening into Oneness” book, by Arjuna Ardagh. The book clearly tells the story of the Awakening to Oneness process coming though a young boy named Krishna Raj. He in turn sharing the light (Oneness Blessing) with his best friend, creating enlightenment or known as the, Flowering of the Heart with-in him. Many children in the school were passed the Golden Ball of light and became enlightened as well. The Oneness Blessing was brought in by an 8 year old into our world from Divine Source.

Our up and coming course will consist of water meditation, art, music and expressing the Divine with in each participant. Each child, youth or teen will be given the opportunity to share with their parents and the group the divine with in themselves. The children, youth or teen, can if they choose to become Deeksha Blessing Givers at the end of the course. A year full of grace for many in 2011. Spreading the wisdom with-in families is our desire.

In the meantime, join us at SUVVS on Thursday nights at 7 pm details will continue to unfold for our family courses in the early 2011.



Living in Prayer, holding light for the Children and Oneness Suggestion are welcome for our young students, feel free to contact me, or


Holding our Family



About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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