Bhagavan Answering Question about Awakening

Sivaranjan Sivayohan January 25, 2011 at 7:47am
Subject: Sri Bhagwan’s Webcast on 23rd Jan 2011
Bhagavan: How beautiful.

Q1: Namaste dear Bhagavan. Long live Bhagavan. You’re bringing in the light and we are screwing up our eyes. Please forgive us for that. I was pondering over a lot about what hinders me from taking in all you are giving me so generously. Why the passion for awakening and the fear of awakening are equally great in me. Coming to the Golden City to you I come into my high dream, not really believing it is feasible in this lifetime now and here. For if I’m not here as I am today than my social status house, family, work etc will not be there either. We have externally what we have internally. The mind describes the lives of the great teachers, saints, monks. There are no examples of the awakened ones of today around the world. How they are integrated into society and everyday life. Dear Sri Bhagavan, please tell us what the lives of the awakened ones are like today? How did they use the gift of awakening. Or how did the gift of awakening use them. What is the purpose of life of the awakened one. In terms of his pursuits in society. Please help to overcome the fear. It is very important. My heartfelt gratitude.

Bhagavan :
The problem is you have an idea of awakening and that is putting fear into you. The actual thing is very different from what you imagine it to be. When we talk of awakening, we are talking about your natural state. And once you are there you are quite shocked to realize how you have missed this all these years. It is like a man who wants to learn swimming but is not ready to jump into the waters. You cannot learn swimming and then jump into the waters. You first have to jump and then you naturally learn swimming. It’s the same thing. Once the process of awakening starts everything is very natural without you having to do anything. Anyway, you won’t have to worry because the new process will soon help you to become awakened quite easily. And there are already a number of awakened people who happen to be doctors, engineers, and ?? who are living a very beautiful life. Very soon you will have a number of people who are awakened in Russia too and you are going to make it quite fast.

Q2: My dear Bhagavan, we are so happy to see you live. I would also like to express my gratitude to Kirnaji for supporting me and my group. Bhaghavan, Many truths of our perceptions of reality have been unveiled to me, but one state is still a mystery. That is service, seva. I know the words which describe this state, but it’s not alive in my heart. Only in my mind and in my actions. I desire so much to have my heart experience this state fully. Please share with us what you experience in this state and can you transfer this experience of seva to us today. Thank you so much Bhagavan. I love you.

Bhagavan :
When you become awakened, very naturally you are involved in seva. It is not something which is taught. That is the way you will live after awakening. Until that happens, you apply your mind and you help others because you earn good karma which will help you in your awakening. In the new process which will be released to you, what is important is that you must become aware that you are not able to do seva. It is not that seva is demanded from you. You have to become aware that you are not able to do seva. That is enough. In the new process, it is not that you must have this, this, this and this. What is important is that you’ve got to realize that you do not have this, you do not have this, you do not have this. That is all that is required.

Q3: Namaste beloved Bhagavan. Lately I’m seeing that the only expectation I have is enlightenment. When I come to a group meeting, I see the same expectation of enlightenment flowering there. The expectation and the focus on February 11. Is this expectation a hindrance for enlightenment since there is a disappointment behind every expectation. Thank you very much dear Bhagavan.

Bhagavan :
Expectation is necessary but it is also a hindrance, but we cannot help this. So please continue with your expectation. Do not worry about the disappointment. Because what we are going to use in the new process is the cosmic bulldozer to bulldoze you.

Thank you Bhagavan!

Q4: Bhagavan I know intellectually that there is divine, there is God but how can I experience it in my body?

Bhagavan :
Yes, you cannot do anything about it. We are going to make it happen. It is our job.

Q5: Beloved Bhagavan, Please clarify what is the connection between morals and enlightenment. Does enlightened one automatically become moral. You say that his action is perfect. Will that action be immoral one as well? My deep gratitude to you dear Bhagavan. We love you so much.

Bhagavan :
For the awakened one, all action is perfect. He cannot think of right action or wrong action. He spontaneously acts and it is perfect for him. His actions, society may call them moral or it may say it is not moral. But the awakened person will not care for it. So most often his actions may be that which society calls right action. But some times it may not fit into what society thinks also. Society may sometimes even call it immoral or not right but the awakened man cannot see it like that.

Q6: Dear Bhagavan, we are so happy to have you with us today. Last time you suggested us 3 points to focus on, connection with the divine, gratitude and craving for significance. we have been doing it and discovering a lot for ourselves. We are in the middle of a week national oneness marathon process now. Which topics and teachings would you suggest us to focus on now in order to get prepared for the new process. With gratitude and love in my heart.

Bhagavan :
I would suggest you that you continue with the same three teachings. Because the new process is going to start I think probably in a week’s time. We can continue with the three principles. And you can get ready. I think you can focus on these three principles and you are very ready for the new process. Looking at all of you on the screens, I clearly get the feeling that you are very ready for the new process.

“Always at the service of our beloved Amma and Bhagavan.”


Janet Eakin and Linda Beal

Certified Oneness Trainers


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Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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