Journey Into The Divine and Transform Your Life


It has been a long while since we have posted.  We will try to update you more often (given our level of technical ability) 🙂.

Sri Bhagavan has told us that in the new Golden Age each of us will walk and talk with our God.  This phenomenon has already begun.  All over the world people are beginning to meet their personal Divine.  This could happen to you at any time, in any place.   You could come to a Oneness center holding the Sacred Chambers which was created for the purpose of healing and transformation.  These are places where the Divine is constantly manifesting itself to those who seek it.   Your Divine could manifest to you in any form you desire or in the form He or She chooses for you.

If you are Christian it could be Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  For a Hindu, it could be Krishna, Shiva, or any other Vedic Deity.  For a Buddhist, it could be Lord Buddha or one of the great Bodhisattvas.  For a Muslim, it could be Allah.  For a Jew, it could be the Light or Spirit of God.  It could be any Divine form or master.

Recently Sri Bhagavan has talked of the long way and short way to Awakening, Transformation and God Realization.  The teachings we have received over the years from Oneness University in India have prepared us for the longer way.  But if your God becomes physical to you, you can ask Him/Her to give you a deeksha for Awakening, Transformation or God Realization.    That is the short way.

If your idea of your Divine becoming physical is scary, it could be because you are relating to a God that is judgmental and punishing or distant, unreachable.  You may not feel worthy of a relationship or many other factors.  The key is to work on re-creating your relationship with your Divine.

There are different roads you can take to Oneness with the Divine.  One is called “Bhakti”, the path of Love, service and devotion.  This path involves deepening the bond with your Divine Friend until you melt into oneness with the Beloved.

The perfect time to develop your relationship with your Divine is now.  If you take 10 steps toward the Divine, your Divine will take 100 steps toward you.

Join us for a Journey Into The Divine, going deeper into a personal relationship with your Divine and watch how your life transforms.

Happening Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th at beautiful Snowbird Resort.   For more information and to register click this link.

Hope to see you there.


Linda and Janet

About Awakening Oneness

Linda Beal and Janet Eakin, Certified Oneness Awakening Trainers. Located in Salt Lake City Utah.
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