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Special Deeksha, This Thursday Night, Ananda Mandala

“Having merged our identity with the Divine, the body having lost its meaning…one becomes a pure atman (soul). Continue reading

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I am free to be, the un contemptible me!

Letting go of shame to become free in the Authentic Self. Oneness Blessings, Deeksha and Courses join with us Awakening Oneness. Continue reading

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Sri Bhagavan Teaching-Ego + Position= Positionality

Access Video http://www.worldonenesscommunity.com/video/egoposition-positional (Gratitude to Oneness London for the transcript) Question: Bhagavan, please explain to us Ego + Position = Positionality?” Answer: You take a stand, saying that, ok, this is very good medicine for you. You take that kind … Continue reading

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