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Sri Bhagavan India Webcast Transcript….

around 200 children in the age group of 10 to 15. Most of the children very spontaneously moved into higher states of consciousness without anything being done. They were seeing their past lives. They had out of body experiences. They used to fly home and see what their parents were doing. They used to talk to trees and strange phenomena like the clouds following the children, children talking to God, the gods that were worshipped in their homes.
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Pain is the way to get this causeless love and limitless joy….Bhagavan.

We knew that having an active practice in our lives and teaching or showing others how to impliment this in there lives, to be “the answer”. I checked my e-mail and it was already written. I Love how the Divine works in our lives, simply ask and it is provided…

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Join us at Earthdance 2010 for Dancing, Deeksha, and Blessings of Peace

We have been invited to bring Deeksha to this Awesome event this Saturday. Suly has volunteered to head up this day as far as putting together a schedule so we can make sure we have a presence there throughout the entire day from noon – 8 PM Continue reading

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